Usually, your operation requires the accurate and timely determination of tax obligations to avoid higher taxes, default interest and penalties.

We advise on national and territorial tax matters and procedures before the tax authorities. Additionally, we accompany our clients in the correct application of our advice to ensure the effectiveness of our service.


The structuring of new companies or investments; the restructuring of companies or investments in progress; and the liquidation of inactive companies or investments, require proper planning to minimize their tax effects on both the entity and its investors. In alliance with boutique law and accounting firms, we prepare and execute tax planning tailored to the interests of our clients.


Regulatory changes (for example, tax reforms), significant increases in profits and, in general, the financial administration of companies, require a periodic diagnosis of the tax situation of the entity and its investors, in order to achieve savings or deferrals, and eliminate or mitigate tax risks.

In alliance with boutique accounting and law firms, we carry out tax audits, and prepare and execute plans to improve the tax compliance of our clients.


For various reasons (tax, succession, asset protection, family harmony, business) families require adequate planning to transfer the family wealth to the next generation.

In alliance with boutique civil and commercial law firms, we prepare and implement estate planning structures tailored to your personal and family situation, for various purposes:

  • Optimize the tax burdens that are currently being generated on the family wealth, or that may be generated upon the transfer of the family wealth to the next generation.
  • Avoid succession processes.
  • Achieve that upon the death of one of the parents, the surviving spouse and/or one or several children receive a greater portion of the family wealth.
  • Ensure that the family wealth remains in the hands of the descendants of the father and/or mother.
  • Avoid the loss of part of the family wealth in the hands of certain family members.
  • Isolate and protect the estate from being involved in potential or existing litigation.
  • Ensure income for one or several family members who are in unfavorable situations.
  • Avoid potential family conflicts that may arise due to succession processes.
  • Establish the rules and conditions of management succession in the family business.


Tax compliance requires precise calculations to determine tax liabilities; prepare the documents that support said calculations; and fill out and present the tax returns.

In alliance with boutique accounting firms, we prepare or review tax returns for our clients. To do this, we verify that the calculation factors and the tax are duly documented and quantified; we review that the tax returns are duly completed; and we accompany the client in the filing of the tax return until the total fulfillment of the obligation.


Sometimes the tax authorities (national and territorial) question compliance, claim non-compliance, impose sanctions, or demand payment of tax obligations by taxpayers.

In order to protect the right to due process and the correct application of tax regulations in favor of our clients, we advise or represent them in administrative processes before the Tax Authorities and in judicial processes before the Court.


Sometimes clients generate balances in favor or make payments in excess or not due that can be requested in return to the tax authorities.

In alliance with boutique accounting firms, we prepare and process tax refund requests. For this we verify the consistency of the balance in favor, or the payment in excess or not due; we prepare and submit the application to the tax authority; we accompany the client in attending meetings with officials of the tax authority; we prepare the responses to the information requirements that result from said meetings; and we accompany the client in the negotiation of the tax refund securities.


In order to implement the estate plannings that we structure for our clients, we prepare family governance agreements; and we prepare and process donations, civil trusts, wills, prenuptial agreements, divorces, support agreements for people with disabilities, liquidations of community properties, and estate distributions, among other legal acts, in notary offices.

Additionally, we coordinate with the family accountant or with an allied accounting firm, so that the legal acts that make up the estate planning are duly declared for tax purposes.


In order to implement the tax and estate plannings that we structure for our clients, we establish companies; we prepare the minutes of the corporate bodies; we assist in compliance with corporate and exchange legal obligations; we review or prepare contracts; we prepare responses to the requirements of the control and surveillance authorities; and we prepare legal concepts in corporate, exchange and contractual matters.

Additionally, we coordinate the accounting of the operation with allied accounting firms, and we verify that the accounting adequately reflects the legal and tax structure that we implement for each client.

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